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Two former Pitt players are playing in the Super Bowl right now. Those same two guys are former WPIAL football players, Rams #99 Aaron Donald (Penn Hills) and Bengals #83 Tyler Boyd (Clairton).

As a person that has spent countless hours of my life (together with my husband, Coach Ed) participating in, watching, coaching, organizing, and photographing youth sports in Western PA, I personally feel ALL the feels about these guys reaching the highest level of achievement in their industry.

Though I don't know these players personally, I do know that building relationships with student athletes on the bench, during outings, and traveling along in my Elantra have been some of the most wonderful times in my life. Having the opportunity and privilege to share their growth and watch each unique personality mature into incredible human beings is something that we don't take lightly or for granted. I know that these men have someone that does know them personally sitting at home with a bursting-with-joy heart right now and I share that exciting energy with them from my own living room.

Living in McKeesport, we're pretty close in proximity to Clairton and I have a few friends that teach, coach, and live there. Being a paramedic, Ed and I have spent multiple seasons on the sidelines at Penn Hills as their on-site EMS crew.

And for me... I'm also a Pitt Alum. H2P.

So, with all that said, we just want to sincerely congratulate these players (and the people that are closest to them) on tonight's game and all of the accomplishments, challenges, sacrifices, and triumphs they have experienced.


Miss Jen and Coach Ed



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