An Open Letter to the Students of the 2019 McKeesport Season

To each student involved in the 2019 season:

Working from the sidelines this year has, hands down, made me a better photographer and a better person.

I tried to be as invisible as possible while I was out there, though, that didn't stop me from getting to know some of you a little bit better.

The truth is, I went into the 2019 season trying to be an outsider, only there to practice my craft. My plan was simple:

1. Practice photography.

2. Be invisible.

3. Don't get run over on the sidelines. (Fortunately, this only happened once.)

I actually didn't plan to share many photos because I didn't expect anyone to have an interest in an amateur's football photography.

I'm so happy I was wrong.

This season reminded me that McKeesport supports their own in so many ways. I felt more connected to this community in the past few months in new ways than I ever have in the past. It's not perfect but McKeesport is the community that built me, continues to build me, and its building you, too.

You have that support just like I do. You have this community behind you to cheer on your endeavors, to encourage your growth, and to cry with you when you just need to cry.

So, when the 2019 season ended last week, I cried with you too.

Through my own tears, though, I saw a fire and passion that you have. I felt the pain of your season ending out there on that field. For some of you, as seniors, this game was the culmination of all your years of work together. It was the end of an era.


It is not the end of your legacy.

Remember those emotions and use them as fuel to create positive change in the world. Use that intrinsic energy to solve the things that you find to be problems. Use that energy to teach your talents to others, to encourage those around you, and leave an amazing and loving impact in your community and in the world.

Don't lose that passion and that fire and that emotion that you've experienced. Carry it with you into your future and allow it to fuel the fire of substance, community, and resilience. Like any sport has a season, so does your life. Some parts are harder than you think you can bear and others are better than you can ever imagine. Take these emotions from the 2019 season and put it into each season of your life. Play to the end and leave it all on the field.

Because this will be your legacy.

My Sincerest Thanks, Appreciation, and Love,

Miss Jen

© Jennifer Moslander, Shots by Miss Jen


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