The Day I Became a Photographer

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

There are going to be some vulnerable things in this post and they all lead to one amazing project.

When you're in alignment, passion projects are created.

Here's the link for the application.

As those who know me already know, I've been providing sports photography for McKeesport PONY-COLT Baseball for a few years. Since 2011, actually, I have been tinkering with photography here and there but never really felt called to pursue beyond a tinker.

Then one day last winter, out of the blue, I asked for a "nice" camera for Christmas. Until then, I had been either using a slowly dying Kodak point-and-shoot camera or my iPhone SE. My husband obliged and I have been in a serious relationship with that camera, a Canon Rebel T6, ever since. My breadth of work has moved from seasonal baseball sports photography to nature photography to cloud photography to vacation photography and, most recently, football sports photography.

My portfolio is rapidly growing and my Lightroom is bursting at the seams with photos.

But my confidence in providing photos to anyone, well, that is not bursting anywhere.

I'm a paramedic and a licensed massage therapist. I'm not a photographer.

Until, one day, I was.

Here's what happened:

My husband was on the phone with someone that was expressing thanks to me through him for all of the great photography work I do and provide. I was within earshot. He was gracious and then said these words to them: "Thanks. Yeah, she does really great work. She'll be doing senior pictures soon, so pass the word on to anyone that might need them."

I was dumbfounded.


Because I'm not a photographer! What business do I have offering senior portraits that people will actually spend their money on?! There is no plan in place for that! I don't have a pricing structure! I don't have a website! I don't have a client base! I'm not a photographer!

His response to my bewilderment?

He shrugged. "But you're good. And you are a photographer. You'll figure it out. You do things that scare you all the time. What's different about this?"


He's right. I do do things that scare me all the time, on purpose. What actually is different about offering senior portrait services?


I'm a big believer in the concepts of the Law of Attraction. Among things in the Law of Attraction is an idea that, when you summon up the courage to make a decision in the right direction, your next step will effortlessly appear in front of you. You don't have to see all the steps in complete clarity right away, but you do have to follow where your energy pulls you because that's where you belong.


Within 24 hours of this conversation, I stumbled across Hope Taylor Photography and her #seniorspokemodelchallenge mini course. It was free. Like, I put zero dollars into that week-long mini course.






It set me up to launch a Senior Spokesmodel Program with ease and structure. I loved every second I spent creating this program. I hadn't even known what the heck a Spokesmodel Program was but I enrolled in the mini-course anyway. It felt like the perfect next step. I didn't know it was coming, but I'm so happy that it did.

You can read more about The Senior Spokesmodel Project with Shots by Miss Jen here. Let me know if you're interested. Then apply. I'm accepting Juniors and Seniors for it's inaugural year.

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