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Updated: Oct 24, 2019

"At any moment we have two choices: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again."

-Abraham Maslow

Here's the link for the application.

If you've made your way from this blog post, then this quote from Abraham Maslow probably makes a ton of sense. If not, go check out that blog post. It's worth a quick read.

Now that you're here, my guess is that you have an interest in The Senior Spokesmodel Project that I, Miss Jen of Shots by Miss Jen, plan to launch soon. I'll bet you have questions. I sure did.

What is a Spokesmodel Project?

A Spokesmodel Project is something that many independent photographers run every year. It usually requires the program participants to help spread the word about that particular photographer, their services, and finished products. The program participants will serve as photo models for the photographer to build a portfolio, create marketing material, and experiment with new skills, new locations, and more. The participants are required to apply and be chosen, pay the Spokesmodel Project fee, and then participate in most of the planned group and single photography activities and photo sessions planned by the photographer. Many times, the participants bring new clients to that photographer and have opportunities to earn things like extra photo sessions, print packages, or swag.

What can I expect to get from a Spokesmodel Project?

Every photographer runs their program differently, but we all have similar interests in mind when we decide to launch one. Typically, the Spokesmodel Project Team Members will be photographed a few times through their senior or junior year with the whole team of Spokesmodels and a few more times in private photo sessions. By the time the participant graduates from high school, they will have an extensive portfolio of images. These can be used on graduation announcements, gifts for family and friends, personal keeping, shared on social media, and used for professional profiles through college.

The program participants also gain some intangible perks, like content strategizing, new friendships, and the experience to explore our Pittsburgh area.

What does Shots by Miss Jen's Spokesmodel Program look like?

I have a vision for my Spokesmodel Program to check off a few boxes for me.

1. I want this Spokesmodel Team to really get to know each other. I want for us all to have lasting relationships, learn new skills from each others' talents, and support each other through the year and beyond.

2. I want each Team Member to walk away from this project with skills and developed talents that will help them in their future endeavors.

3. Each Team Member will have opportunities to earn extra perks (think extra print packages, extra photo sessions, gift cards, etc.) through the referral program.

4. Each Team Member will be responsible for posting on their social media accounts about their experience with The Senior Spokesmodel Project, their finished photos, and helping to build excitement about the following year's Team positions. (P.S. - I have a professional Social Media Strategist on board to help with this. You're not diving into social media content strategy alone.)

5. I want you to bring your passion project (or multiple passion projects if you're anything like me!) into the Spokesmodel Project. Photos of you representing or doing what you love are a great big part of this deal.

6. I'm interested in scheduling some of the most interesting photo session sites. Think, in front of some of Baron Batch's artwork, or Colony Cafe, or the Allegheny County Airport rotunda. My imagination is constantly making this list longer and longer and longer. Let's work together to find some of the most incredible places that Pittsburgh has to offer.

Here's the rest of the information

The Senior Spokesmodel Project for the 2019-2020 school year costs $250, which is the price of a Senior Portrait Session with a print package. For that $250, you're getting a lot more images in many more locations and earning extra prints during the year by bringing in new clients. Keep in mind, though, that once you agree to become a Project Team Member, all fees are non-refundable.

You would be responsible for supplying your own outfits and most props. This leaves us all open to be creative and work with what we have.

There's more to prints than just, well, prints. There are photo books and keepsakes that are included in the referral program to earn.

Also, since this is my first year with The Senior Spokesmodel Project, everything is dynamic and fluid and completely up for experimentation! So, if something is in place and it just doesn't work for us, we'll change it for the better.

Sound like something you're into?

I like the sound of that!

Here's the link for the application.

Last day to apply is November 1, 2019. Team Members will be notified by November 5, 2019. I plan to accept somewhere between 6 and 10 Team Members.

That's it!

I very much look forward to hearing from you! Let's have a photography adventure!


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