Field of Dreams

When baseball and photography continue to collide.

Christian - Class of 2021

Christian and I have known each other for about four years. I first met Christian when he was a 12-year-old baseball player and registered to play for my husband's youth baseball team. I have plenty of candid or action photos of him on the ball field and during team activities. This is our first go at posed and deliberate photography.

My husband and I were invited to a Pittsburgh Pirates home game a few weeks ago by Christian's grandfather. We attended the game together with him, his mother, and his grandfather. During the game, Christian's mother, Jen, and I started talking about photography and decided that we would have a photo session together at one of our local Little League fields, Fawcett Field.

FYI - I love Fawcett Field.

My husband and I have been involved with youth baseball for many years and we have played on many fields in the region. But Fawcett Field is held near and dear to our hearts.

You see, my husband proposed to me at/on/over Fawcett Field. At the time, he was an umpire for the league that called it home. One July day in 2011, he took me on a plane ride piloted by one of his best friends (and soon to be Best Man) and we flew over Fawcett Field for me to look down to find "Jen will you marry me?" written in field chalk over the infield.

It took me 17 seconds to answer, but I eventually said yes following a few confused, then gleeful, expletives.

So, any time I visit Fawcett Field, I get a little sentimental and usually find myself lost in nostalgic energy. Nowadays, another youth baseball organization calls that space home and has since updated the side of the field house with this beautiful and incredible artwork. (Seriously, it leaves me breathless. Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger.)

Just a few notes about this piece of art before I move on:

1. The detail of this tiger is exceptionally stunning and so artfully done.

2. I love the vibrancy of the coloring everywhere.

3. The paint-splatter edging just sends this piece over the edge for me. I hadn't noticed it the first few times I looked at it. Once I did, I fell in love even more.

4. I hope to do many more portrait sessions here, baseball-related or not.

Christian - Class of 2021

Ok, back to Christian.

My session with Christian was purely experimental. He's not in any way a natural model, as he proclaims, and we got off to a slow start with the photo taking. But once we flipped through the sample images and we both got a feel for how to communicate with each other, things started feeling and becoming much more natural.

Christian - Class of 2021

Christian has a strong jawline that is defined even more by the way he styles his beard. He can pull off a great stoic facial expression that is captivating, not flat or emotionless. The color in his brown eyes, which I hadn't ever noticed before, pulls you into his stoic expression a bit more.

All in all, both his mother and I were pretty happy with this set of photos.

We plan to do another session with one of his dogs soon. Keep an eye out for those photos!

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